Conselho de Administração
Joseph G. Audi
  CEO; Interaudi Bank
George Audi
Executive Vice President &
Chief Operating Officer
Interaudi Bank 
Dennis Buchert
Former Chief Executive,
Credit Agricole USA
Richard Burns
Chairman, Manhattan Media
Former President, Thomson Financial Media
Francois M. Chateau
Global Vice Chair
Dentons Law Firm
Patricia Hayes Cole
Executive Managing Director,
Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group
John Heimann
Senior Advisor, Financial Stability Institute
Former Comptroller of the Currency
Louis E. Lataif
Former Dean, School of Mgmt, Boston University
Former President, Ford of Europe

Andrew Panzures
Former Managing Director
JP Morgan
Wael Khoury
ACWa Services Ltd.

Basile Yared
Attorney at Law


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Interaudi Bank
New York Branch

Phone 1 (212) 833-1000
Fax 1 (212) 833-1033

Miami Branch
Phone 1 (305) 373-0200
Fax 1 (305) 373-0670

Ameraudi Investment Services
Phone 1 (212) 833-1080
Fax 1 (212) 319-4917

Ameraudi Asset Management
Phone 1 (212) 833-1090
Fax 1 (212) 319-4949

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